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Training for SMEs in scope of the IFAD project

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    ALDI u.g.

    Goražde, 07/03/2005

  • In scope of the IFAD project 'Livestock and Rural Finance Development' training organised by ALDI u.g. for enterprises receivers of credits from the project credit line was held from March 1 to March 4, 2005 in hotel 'Karavan' Sokolac. The Training programme was from the following areas:


  • Lecturer for all mentioned subjects was Mr Fuad Tabak, M.A., one of the leading consultants in area of economics science in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Goal of the training was, in addition to provision of sources of new investments financing, with non-financial support to development, to provide to enterprises non-financial support to development of internal capacities through trainings from the given areas. This training programme is intended to answer the needs for improvement of knowledge of small enterprises from four areas that may considerably facilitate management of small enterprises in growth. Marketing, accounting, finances and organisation of business are four very important areas of business administration that can help with enterprise management.

  • Marketing,

  • Organisation and management,

  • Accounting,

  • Finances.